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At the University of Maryland Eastern Shore’s Department of Mathematics, we offer a dynamic and engaging program that prepares students for success in the world of numbers, patterns, and problem-solving. Our mathematics education goes beyond theoretical concepts by emphasizing the practical applications of mathematics in real-world scenarios. From calculus and statistics to algebra and geometry, our courses provide a strong foundation in mathematical principles and techniques.

What sets our program apart is our commitment to experiential learning and hands-on application. Through research opportunities, internships, and collaborative projects, students gain practical experience in solving complex mathematical problems and analyzing data. Our dedicated faculty, with their expertise and passion for teaching, guide students on their academic journey, providing individual attention and mentorship. Our program has been a part of the university’s curriculum for several years, providing students with a comprehensive education in mathematics. We have continuously evolved and adapted to meet the changing needs of the industry, advancements in mathematical research, and the demands of the workforce.

Explore Programs in the Department of Mathematics at UMES

We offer two majors: a Non-Teaching degree and a Math Teacher specialization. In both programs, mathematics education is offered in a variety of topics, including calculus, real and complex analysis, number theory, topology, linear algebra, modern algebra, statistics, and probability. The Non-Teaching degree is designed for persons who wish to pursue careers in statistics, actuarial science, mathematical modeling, and graduate study in mathematics or statistics.

Undergraduate programs:

  • Major in Mathematics (Non-Teaching)
  • Major in Mathematics (Math Teacher) 
  • Minor in Mathematics

UMES is accredited by the Middle States Commission on Higher Education (MSCHE), ensuring that our institution meets or exceeds rigorous standards of educational excellence.

Learn More about Paying for UMES

The UMES Department of Mathematics is passionate about providing an affordable mathematics education to all who are interested. We offer several scholarship opportunities for students. Visit our financial aid page to learn more.

Available Careers in Mathematics

There are a number of careers available for those who earn an applied mathematics education, including:

  • Actuary: You may be asked to do technical work, but most actuaries work in senior management at insurance, benefits, and consulting firms.
  • Air traffic controller: You must be able to think and visualize in 3-D and gather information from what you hear to make decisions.
  • Biostatistician: You could work for state and local health departments to identify and research new diseases.
  • Cryptologist: You will work with code encryption and decryption.
  • EDP auditor: Analyze system function and operations to determine adequate security and controls.
  • Estate planner: Help others plan for their futures with legal, tax, investment, and insurance needs.
  • Investment banker: Give people advice on how to make the most of their money and then invest it.
  • Mathematician: Decipher and solve problems logically using already derived axioms and theorems. You will need strong deductive and inductive reasoning skills.
  • Mortgage researcher: Trace deeds back many years and then compile the data into spreadsheet form.
  • Statistician: Design research and analyze data from both univariate and multivariate methods.
  • Math teacher: Work with students to help relate the importance of and need for mathematics in everyday life.
  • Treasury management specialist: Provide information necessary to determine and evaluate the present and projected economic activities of organizations.

Underwriter: You will be responsible for selecting business, specifying rates, binding coverages, issuing policies, arranging reinsurance, collecting, premiums, and settling claims.

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