Why Join Honors?

Honors students at University of Maryland Eastern Shore belong to a vibrant and diverse community of multi-talented, high-achieving scholars who value academic challenge, sustained and sophisticated investigation, and who are curious about – and make significant contributions to – the world through leadership, service, and global engagement. Through honors coursework and co-curricular pursuits, they forge enhanced and enduring relationships with their peers, faculty mentors, and broader community.

Special Rewards and Responsibilities in Honors

Students living the honors experience at UMES assume certain responsibilities and enjoy special access to resources and privileges in exchange for fulfilling those responsibilities.


Honors students are expected to maintain a superior level of academic performance and success and to be engaged participants in and active contributors to the academic and co-curricular climate at UMES. They are required to enroll in and complete honors courses and related experiences pursuant to the Program of Study. They agree to be exemplary ambassadors of the Program and of UMES, respecting at all times the University’s Student Code of Conduct and all ethical, moral, and social standards of comportment.


In addition to various, sizeable scholarships for which only UMES honors students may be eligible (see: “Opportunities – Scholarships” in navigation bar), they are rewarded and celebrated for their hard work and extra effort by having access to:

Small-enrolled, student-centered, discussion-based courses on specialized topics wherein peer-to-peer interaction is high.

The Honors Residential Learning Community (RLC) in Murphy Annex, the “premier place serious scholars, excellent leaders and responsible citizens call their campus home.” Learn more under the “Community” tab on the program’s website.

Priority registration privileges: honors students, regardless of class standing, register for courses at the same time as Seniors.

Funding that supports travel to professional meetings and conferences, to present research and/or engage with honors students from other institutions..

Honors-specific academic advising that is tailored to the student’s needs and interests, including: internships or field experiences, scholarship opportunities, study abroad, graduate and professional school preparation, and leadership.

Automatic membership in the Honors Student Association that, in conjunction with honors administrative staff, provides a plethora of academic, community and social programming, such as honors-sponsored lecture or film series, cultural events, fundraisers, service projects, mixers, game nights, and more!

An honors-designated library liaison at Frederick Douglass Library, to whom students may go for assistance with their research and to reserve library space for study sessions, small group activity, or club meetings. (Contact Mr. Joseph Bree; ext. 6270; Email Mr. Bree)

Honors notations on transcripts and an intimate, family-focused, honors medaling ceremony during graduation.

Still not 100% convinced that honors is for you? Make an appointment with the Director to discuss further advantages!

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