Honors Vanguard

The Vanguard of the Richard A. Henson Honors Program at University of Maryland Eastern Shore serve as special assistants to the Program Director and as ambassadors of the honors program within UMES and beyond. Their contributions are voluntary, appreciated, meaningful, and varied, ranging from service as hosts to prospective students and families, through representing the program at campus and local recruitment events, to facilitating academic, co-curricular, and social events to enhance honors education at UMES and improve the lives of others in the greater community

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The current Vanguard are:

Vanguard  Knighted 
Amal “what can’t she do?” Adamu 08/2020
Oluwatoniloba “the Able” Alabi 09/2018
Fasil “the Fearless” Amado 09/2021
Diamond “the Beneficent” Boston 09/2021
Jailynn “the Brilliant” Britt 09/2018
Zay “slays the books” Brooks 08/2020
Ezra “the ever-able” Cable 08/2020
Sydney “She’ll go far” Carr 09/2019
Kerrigan “the Care-Giving” Dashiell 09/2021
Taiya “the Trusted” Davenport 09/2021
Neima “the Notable” Dedefo 09/2021
Kaylah “the Peacemaker” Easter 09/2021
Semaj “the Majestic” Fielding 09/2018
Arria “the Ascendant” Gross 09/2021
Jakaylah “the Helpful” Holland 09/2021
Jordan “the Cogent” Kelly 02/2019
Yeganeh “the Merry” Mansourian 09/2021
Genesis “the Generous” Mason  09/2017
Diamond “the Nimble-minded” Nimmons 08/2020
Iyinyeoluwa Ruth “Truth, I say” Okulate 09/2019
Briana “the Polite” Palmore 09/2018
Tyler “Born to Lead” Reid 09/2019
Nautika “the Nonpareil” Wilder 09/2021: the 100th Vanguard!

Former Vanguard include:

Vanguard Knighted
Abena “the Aspiring” Acheampong 02/2014
Lexus “the Laudable” Allen 09/2014
Amari the Amiable” Barnes 09/2018
Cadien “the Competent” Beckford 09/2015
Christopher “the Charismatic” Blanks 09/2016
Aleaya “the Admired” Bowie 09/2013
Jasmine “the Just” Brown 02/2014
Noman “the Noble” Choudhry 09/2013
Kareena “the Kinetic” Collins 02/2018
Favour “the Formidable” Dada 09/2016
Bianca “the Buoyant” Davis 02/2018
Kayla “the Kindly” Deal 02/2018
Mariah “the Meritorious” Dennis 09/2013
Tochukwu “the Thoughtful” Dike 09/2015
Chidiogo “the Cheerful” Dimukeje 09/2015
Emily “the Esteemed” Diseroad 09/2013
Kadijah “the Kind” Felder-Patterson 02/2014
Dakota “the Dextrous” Ferraro 09/2018
Stefan “the Steadfast” Fornah-Ovaa 09/2016
Alisa “the Ambitious” Fornwald 09/2015
Timesha “the Sharp” Frank 09/2017
Asia “the Accomplished” Gibbs 09/2013
Stephanie “the Smart” Hallowell 09/2015
Sean “the Shrewd” Hayden 09/2014
Shelly-Ann “the Assuring” Henry 09/2016
Kaitlyn “the Keen” Hitch 09/2013
Tyrone “the Tireless” Holmes 09/2015
Tiffany “the Trajectile” Jackson 02/2018
Joshua “the Jewel” Jikeme 09/2016
Bria “the Bright” Johnson 09/2015
Jasmine “the Joyful” Johnson 09/2016
Sarah “the Sagacious” Jones 09/2016
Taryn “the Transcendent” Jones 09/2017
Star “the Unstoppable” Joplin 09/2016
Ezechielle “the Enlightened” Kiessu 02/2014
Nikkia “the Knowing” King 09/2013
Brooke “the Bookish” Lewis 09/2016
Jeffery “the Judicious” Locklear 09/2013
Jane “the Jaunty” Makori 09/2016
Regina “the Remarkable” Martin 02/2019
Nylah “the Newsworthy” McClain 09/2016
Tiffany “the Tactful” McMahon 09/2015
Stephanie “the Sterling” McMahon 02/2016
Deedra “the Dedicated” Mills 09/2013
Alyssa “the Aptitudinal” Mitchell 02/2018
Newtin “the Neighborly” Ndingwan 09/2015
Ijeoma Faith “the Illustrious” Ngoka 09/2014
Diamond “the Determined” Nwaeze 09/2013
Brittany-Ann “Yes, she can” O’Connell 09/2019
Maryanne “the Motivated” Odinakachukwu 09/2013
Aderonke “the Acclaimed” Ogin 09/2013
Ewaoluwa “the Effulgent” Okulate 09/2017
Taiwo “the Trustworthy” Ola 02/2014
Hernan “the Earnest” Osorio 09/2018
Jesutofunmi “the Calmer” Palmer 09/2018
So Jin “the Studious” Park 09/2013
Ebonie “the Ebullient” Pierce 09/2014
Vernajh “the Vigilant” Pinder 09/2017
Jenny “the Jovial” Porch 09/2013
Taylor “the Talented” Powell 09/2015
Joe-Smith “the Spirited” Puwo-Tameko 09/2018
Courtney “the Courteous” Rhoades 09/2013
Tiara “the Tenacious” Selby  02/2016
Rashmi “the Rational” Sharma 09/2017
Da’Ria “the Sure-Footed” Shaw 02/2019
Arnez “the Ardent” Short 09/2017
Ray’Sean “the Game’s On” Smith 09/2019
Zoe “the Zealous” Sonnier 09/2014
Brooke “the Brilliant” Stacey 09/2013
Rasheed (Olamilekan) “the Resilient” Sule 02/2016
Michael “the Magnetic” Taylor 09/2013
Ummu “the Munificent” Thomas 09/2017
Teresa “the Traveler” Tinta 09/2013
Brent “the Benevolent” Tran 09/2013
Emily “the Erudite” Tull 02/2014
Kadi-Ann “the Keen” White 09/2016
Kaely “the Capable” Whittington 09/2014
  Updated: 08/25/2020 
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