The ATOD Prevention Center promotes wellness and academic excellence by providing alcohol and drug prevention education and resources to UMES students, faculty and staff.  We provide prevention resources by collaborating with other organizations, colleges and universities within the state of Maryland.  

Specifically the Center strives to:

  1. Implement the use of a peer education science based model to help educate students about alcohol and drugs and the consequences associated with its misuse; 
  2. Train college students to become nationally certified peer educators in an effort to educate specific organizations and student groups about alcohol and drug prevention; 
  3. Collaborate with other campus services and academic departments (Counseling Center, Public Safety, Residence Life, Campus Life, Rehabilitation Science and Sociology) in an effort to promote wellness and serve as an internship site for students; 
  4. Target first year students about risk taking behaviors; 
  5. Conduct monthly alcohol and drug prevention workshops in the University of Maryland Eastern Shore’s residential halls; 
  6. Provide alcohol and drug screening and intervention to violators of the UMES alcohol/drug policies and students that self identify themselves as having an alcohol or drug problem;
  7. Offer UMES teaching faculty the “While You’re Away Program” where appropriate atod prevention is taught to classes that might otherwise be cancelled; and 
  8. Work with other national, state, county and  university prevention programs in a collaborative effort to address alcohol and drug use among college students.
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