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Peer Education Network

The ATOD Prevention Center utilizes its peer educators to conduct alcohol, tobacco, and other drug prevention education programs and outreach campaigns on the UMES campus.  We select students who have a desire to address alcohol and drug problems on campus and are committed to being part of the solution. The Center seeks responsible young adults who accept leadership roles, possess excellent interpersonal skills, and demonstrate critical thinking skills.

 The Mission: To educate our campus community by delivering outstanding drug and alcohol prevention education programming.

 Interested persons should submit an application as soon as possible. A qualified applicant must: 

  • Be a full-time student
  • Have and maintain a GPA of 2.3
  • Must be able to participate in trainings and ATOD activities/events on campus.

If chosen, all peer educators are required to undergo training which certifies them through the Bacchus and Gamma International Peer Education Network. Once certified, peer educators continue to receive training from the ATOD Prevention Center staff relevant to topics addressing alcohol, tobacco, other drugs, sexually transmitted diseases, and date rape.  When certification and training is completed, you will begin implementing ATOD prevention programs and outreach campaigns throughout the campus.  Peer educators also participate in events that the ATOD Prevention Center sponsors such as:

• National Collegiate Alcohol Awareness Week (October)
• The Great American Smokeout (November)
• National Drunk and Drugged Driving Awareness Month (December)
• World AIDS Day (December 1st)
• National Condom Awareness Month (February)
• National Black HIV/AIDS Awareness Day (February 7th)
• Sexual Responsibility Week (February)
• National Condom Day (February 14th)
• Safe Spring Break (March)
• STD Awareness Month (April)
• Sexual Assault Awareness Month (April)
• National Alcohol Screening Day (April)

If you are interested in becoming a peer educator, please complete the application and submit it to:

Lauresa Wigfall, M.Ed., CPP
UMES-ATOD Prevention Center
Lida Brown Building
Princess Anne, MD 21853
Ph: (410) 651-6385 Fax: (410) 651-6386

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