AmeriCorps Vista

Vet Connect

Project: The UMES Vet Connect initiative is designed to assist and provide solutions to increase and improve the quality of life and welfare of military veterans and their dependents. This community-level effort will directly support military service members, veterans and their families by addressing critical issues and needs including: Financial and Legal Assistance, Job Training and Employment, Homelessness and Housing, Behavioral Health and Wellness and Education.

The Veteran and Dependent Resources Guide provides the necessary forms, information and links to resources that assist you in navigating the various aspects of participation within the university and the surrounding area. We understand that you may have unique needs as you complete your education at UMES, and the offices highlighted in this resource guide are here to assist you. 

We welcome the opportunity to support all of you in achieving your educational and career goals; our goals are to facilitate your academic and to help you achieve a high quality of life!

Click Link Above or Here to Open the: Veteran and Dependent Resources Guide

Community Empowerment

Project: The UMES/Garland Hayward Youth Center Community Empowerment project improves the scholastic achievements and civic engagement of Eastern Shore youth by building critical community support systems which increase K-12 students’ access and success in their high school, college, career, and civic engagement trajectory.

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