Diversity, Equity and Inclusion Committee

Committee Charges

1)  Collaborate with faculty, staff, and students to ensure the strategic goals are accomplished. 
2) Develop a timeline to achieve the strategic goals.
3) Develop key performance indicators, assign responsible parties, and identify required resources for each strategic goal.

Committee Members

Dr. Nkem Nonyel

Dr. Nkem Nonyel, DEI Committee Co-Chair
Associate Professor and Director of Student
Phone: (410) 621-2077
Office: 1041 Hazel Hall
Email: npnonyel@umes.edu

Leslie Santos

Dr. Leslie M. Santos, DEI Committee Co-Chair
Assistant Professor, Graduate Program Director,
and Clinical Coordinator
Phone: (410) 651-6004
Office: 1115 Richard Hazel Hall
Email: lsantos@umes.edu

Dr. Kamil Alzayady

Dr. Kamil Alzayady, Assistant Professor
Phone: (410) 651-8452
Office: 1065 Hazel Hall
Email: kjalzayady@umes.edu

Dr. Dana Fasanella

Dr. Dana Fasanella, Assistant Professor
Phone: (410) 621-3085
Office: 212 Somerset Hall
Email: drfasanella@umes.edu

Dr. Sungjae Hwang, Assistant Professor
Phone: (410) 651-6493
Office: 1124 Hytche Athletic Center
Email: shwang1@umes.edu

Beatrice Nelson

Beatrice Nelson, Lecturer
Phone: (410) 651-7763
Office: 1135 Hytche Athletic Center
Email: banelson@umes.edu

Dr. Fred Tejada

Dr. Fred Tejada, Associate Professor
Phone: (410) 621-2123
Office: 303 Somerset Hall
Email: frtejada@umes.edu

Dr, Hoai-an Truong

Dr. Hoai-an Truong, Professor and Director of
Public Health
Phone: (410) 651-8975
Office: 304 Somerset Hall
Email: htruong@umes.edu

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