Alcohol and Drug Abuse Policy

Alcohol Policy

UMES is dedicated to the pursuit and dissemination of knowledge and, as such, experts all members of the University community to behave in a manner conducive to that end. Faculty, staff, and students must maintain the highest standards of personal and professional conduct.

Possession, use, or distribution of alcoholic beverages is prohibited by anyone under the age of 21 on campus. All laws consistent with relate municipal, state, county, or federal laws and related University regulations govern the consumption of alcoholic beverages.

No person under the legal age for drinking should consume, possess, or distribute alcohol in any area of the University. Individuals of legal age are permitted consumption within the privacy of their room. At no time is alcohol allowed in public areas of housing, including but not limited to the grounds and surrounding building perimeters.

The students found to be in violation of policies addressing alcohol and underage drinking, on campus, will be referred for disciplinary actions which may include suspension from the University.

Drug Policy

The University of Maryland Eastern Shore operates as a University with three major functions: instruction, research, and service. In this context the University holds as its fundamental purpose the maintenance of an environment that supports and encourages the pursuit and dissemination of knowledge. It is expected that students, staff, faculty and administrators share the responsibility of nurturing the environment.

The illegal or abusive use of drugs or alcohol by students, staff, faculty, or administrators is counteractive to the environment UMES strives to maintain. Therefore, the University of Maryland Eastern Shore is committed to a workplace and campus that is free of illegal drug use and alcohol abuse.

Individuals who support or are in the presence of individuals who engage in illegal or abusive use of drugs or alcohol will be subject to the same sanctions as the offenders. The University Police Department and University of Maryland Eastern Shore maintains a “zero tolerance” Drug Policy. Any person charged with distributing or possessing controlled dangerous substances, on campus, will be immediately suspended and charged (Judicially and/or Criminally).

Alcohol and Drug Abuse Education Program

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