Campus Smoking Policy

UMES Guidelines and Policy on Smoking

It is UMES’ goal to promote the good health and comfort of its employees. Maintenance of a smoke-free work environment can contribute toward the attainment of that goal. Therefore, smoking is not permitted in any UMES building or facility. Smoking is not permitted on UMES property except in designated areas around the campus perimeter. In addition, smoking is not permitted in any UMES shuttle bus or other UMES vehicle.


In compliance with Executive Order 01.01.1987.13, issued by the Governor of Maryland, and in accordance with the above USM Policy on Smoking at USM Institutions, it is the policy of UMES to provide a healthful working environment on the UMES campus. UMES has attempted to consider the needs and concerns of both smokers and non-smokers in the development of this policy which applies to all employees, students and visitors to the campus.

I. Prohibitions on UMES Property

Smoking is prohibited in the following areas:

  1. Consistent with Maryland law, smoking is not permitted in any UMES building, including academic buildings, residence halls, administrative buildings, and other enclosed facilities, and smoking is not permitted in State vehicles owned by UMES;
  2. Smoking is prohibited on UMES grounds and property, including walkways, parking lots, and recreational and athletic areas except as provided below; and
  3. The sale of tobacco and smoking-related products is prohibited on institution property.

Smoking in and on UMES property will be permitted only as follows:

  1. In designed smoking areas around the perimeter of the campus. Smoking areas are designated by signs and smoking must be limited to the immediate area;
  2. For controlled research, and educational, theatrical, or religious ceremonial purposes, with prior approval of the President or the President’s designee; or
  3. Subject to any other exception to this policy recommended by the President and approved by the Chancellor.

II. Implementation

The Vice President for Administrative Affairs shall direct the Physical Plant Department to post smoke-free campus signs where smoking is prohibited and place appropriate signs and receptacles where smoking is permitted as mapped around the campus perimeter;
Each employee shall have access to the Smoking Policy on the UMES website and each new employee shall receive the policy as part of the orientation process;
The smoking policy shall become part of the student and employee handbooks; and
All members of the campus community share in the responsibility of implementing this policy, and are expected to bring it to the attention of visitors to the campus.

III. Enforcement

  1. Supervisors
    Supervisory personnel shall handle conflicts arising from the implementation of the Smoking Policy using the same procedures used to address other conduct violations.
  2. Building Managers
    Building Managers shall enforce this policy and report any violation using the Violation Report Form.
  3. Reporting Violations
    Individuals who feel that there has been a violation of this policy should complete and submit the Violation Report Form.
  4. Penalties
    1. Faculty/staff/students that violate this policy are subject to disciplinary action and are subject to a progressive fine: $25 first offense, $50 second offense, and $75 third offense and subsequent offenses. The initial fine can be waived if the individual registers in and successfully completes a smoking cessation seminar.
    2. Visitors will be warned initially and directed to extinguish. Refusal to extinguish or resuming smoking can result in denied access in the future.

IV. Smoking Cessation Assistance

  1. UMES will make available smoking cessation assistance to students, faculty and staff, which may include opportunities to participate in smoking cessation seminars, classes, and counseling and the availability of smoking cessation products and materials.
  2. Smoking Cessation Information:
    1. The UMES President has designated the UMES Assistant Director of Human Resources as the individual to answer faculty/staff questions, refer employees to resources, and otherwise provide information about smoking cessation options and opportunities.
    2. The UMES President has designated the Director of the Alcohol, Tobacco and Other Drug Prevention Center as the designee to answer student questions, refer students to resources, and otherwise provide information about smoking cessation options and opportunities.

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