Frequently Asked Questions

Program Information

What makes your program different from other programs?

We offer learning experiences in Home Infusion, Compounding, Durable Medical Equipment, Respiratory Services, and Pharmacy Informatics. Depending on the resident’s career interests, we are able to offer additional unique experiences.

What research and writing projects will the resident complete?

The resident is required to complete a research project during the course of the year. An abstract will be presented at the ASHP Midyear Clinical Meeting, while the final results of the project will be presented at Eastern States Conference for Pharmacy Residents. The resident is also required to write a manuscript in collaboration with a preceptor suitable for a peer-reviewed publication.

What are the teaching responsibilities?

Our resident receives an adjunct faculty appointment at the UMES-SOP. In this role, the resident is provided multiple opportunities to co-precept pharmacy students and serve as a co-instructor in several pharmacy courses.

Does your program offer a teaching certificate?

Yes. Participation in the teaching certificate program affords the resident an opportunity to practice teaching and network with other pharmacy professionals.

Are you affiliated with any hospitals or medical centers?

The community-based residency program is affiliated with an independent pharmacy. There are no existing affiliations with hospitals or medical centers.

Do you offer a PGY-2?  

The UMES-SOP does not offer a PGY-2 residency program at this time.

Application Process

How many residents do you accept?


When is the application deadline?

January 13, 2023

Do resident candidates have to prepare a presentation for the interview?

Yes. Upon receiving an invitation to interview with the program, the resident candidate will be required to prepare a presentation on a topic specified by the program.

Living on the Maryland Eastern Shore

What is the cost of living on the Eastern Shore of Maryland?

The following website provides an overview of the average rent in the town of Princess Anne and surrounding areas:

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