Agriculture, Food and Resource Sciences

We prepare students to make significant, positive contributions to the Food and Agricultural Sciences through learning, discovery and engagement. 

Experiential Learning

State-of-the-art research, education and farm facilities

Active Learning Environment

Gain Hands-On Skills and Knowledge

What exciting careers are waiting for you?

veterinary medicine, food and fiber processing, animal management and production, natural resource sciences, agricultural education, food safety, plant breeding and biotechnology, business and technology, greenhouse & nursery management, marketing and management, landscape design, economic research, water quality, international trade and development, nutrient management, and extension education

Students are provided with opportunities to conduct their own research projects and/or assist faculty with their research

What are our faculty & staff conducting research on?

precision agriculture/agronomic crops, animal management and production, biotechnology, entomology, international trade and development, product marketing, water quality and nutrient management, food safety and bio-security, specialty crops/product development, and food quality enhancement

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