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Prepare for your career in agriculture

At the University of Maryland Eastern Shore, we prepare students to make significant, positive contributions to the food and agricultural sciences through learning, discovery, and engagement. You’ll be primed for a career in agriculture through experiential learning opportunities. Get your hands dirty in our state-of-the-art research, education, and farm facilities as you gain real-world skills and knowledge.

We provide students with a nurturing environment that offers opportunities for discovery through experiential learning. Upon graduation, our students are prepared for a career in agriculture and possess:

  • Information management acumen.
  • Critical and analytical thinking skills necessary to integrate theory and real-world situations to make management decisions.
  • The capacity to communicate effectively.
  • The ability to compete in a highly technological, computer-information-oriented and global society.

Our agriculture program includes both undergraduate and graduate tracks, so you can earn a bachelor’s, master’s or Ph.D. at UMES. All students, regardless of rank, can conduct their own research projects and/or assist faculty with their research. Our research opportunities are diverse, complex and important, with topics ranging from animal and poultry science to food quality enhancement.

Chair’s Welcome

Dear Prospective Student, Greetings!

The Department offers both undergraduate and graduate agriculture programs. We are committed to preparing the next generation of the food, agriculture, natural resources, and human sciences workforce through learning, discovery, and engagement.

You have the opportunity to study Agribusiness Management, General Agriculture, or Urban Forestry, and work together with research and extension faculty to fulfill your dream.

As a prospective graduate student, you may pursue an M.S. and/or a Ph.D. degree in Food and Agricultural Sciences.

We are confident that you will entrust us with your education, and will be delighted to welcome you to UMES and the Department of Agriculture, Food, and Resource Sciences.

Dr. Stephan Tubene

Acting Chair, Department of Agriculture, Food, and Resource Sciences

Explore Programs in the Department of Agriculture, Food and Resource Sciences at UMES

Students are provided with opportunities
to conduct their own research projects
and/or assist faculty with their research.

The undergraduate programs offered by the Department of Agriculture, Food, and Resource Sciences are unique in Maryland, the nation, and the world. The animal and poultry science pre-veterinarian/pre-professional option is a distinct pathway to veterinary school—an extraordinary opportunity among 1890 Land-Grant Universities.

The graduate agriculture programs take advantage of our top-notch faculty and state-of-the-art technologies and facilities to allow graduate students to pursue research opportunities and hands-on education aimed at preparing a globally competent future workforce.

Undergraduate programs

The undergraduate program offers three degrees, including Agribusiness Management, General Agriculture, and Urban Forestry.

The General Agriculture degree program offers a broad range of core, supportive, and elective courses, which allow students to structure a program consistent with their personal interests and goals.

Students may choose from four concentrations, including Agricultural Education, Soil and Plant Science, Animal and Poultry Science, and Agricultural Studies. Additional options are also available within the Animal and Poultry Science concentration, including Business and Technology and Pre-veterinary/Pre-professional options.

Graduate programs:

Our M.S. in Food and Agricultural Sciences offers unique concentrations in Agricultural Economics and Plant and Soil Sciences. Our Ph.D. in Food and Agricultural Sciences is a program supported by the USDA Agricultural Research Service.

Student Life in the Department of Agriculture, Food and Resource Sciences at UMES

Student life in the department is well-balanced between academic and social life. Student clubs, such as Minorities in Agriculture, Natural Resources, and Related Sciences (MANRRS); Horticulture Students Club; and Veterinary Students Club, coupled with social events organized throughout the academic year, create a welcoming atmosphere. Our strategic location within driving distance of major cities such as Washington, D.C.; Philadelphia, PA; Richmond, VA; and New York City makes student life at UMES vibrant and unique.

Learn More about Paying for UMES

UMES is affordable. The UMES Office of Admissions and Recruitment offers numerous financial packages, and our department offers several financial assistance opportunities, including:

  • School of Agricultural and Natural Sciences (SANS) scholarships.
  • Departmental scholarships, including Julia Carter Lacy, James & Anne Taylor, Pioneer, Henry and Carolyn Brooks, John Wilson Achievement, and Winslow Grant awards.
  • A limited number of graduate assistantships to qualified students pursuing graduate studies in food and agricultural sciences at UMES.

Available Jobs in Agriculture, Food, and Resource Sciences

Our mission is to provide students with an active learning environment that prepares them to successfully compete in a global society for jobs in agriculture.

We strive to prepare students who can interact successfully in an ethnically diverse workforce that is comprised of people of socially and culturally diverse backgrounds.

Many exciting jobs in agriculture are possible with a degree from UMES, including:

  • Veterinary medicine
  • Food and fiber processing
  • Animal management and production
  • Natural resource sciences
  • Agricultural education
  • Food safety
  • Plant breeding and biotechnology
  • Business and technology
  • Greenhouse and nursery management
  • Landscape design
  • Economic research
  • Water quality
  • International trade and development
  • Nutrient management
  • Extension education

Salaries for careers in agriculture vary, depending upon your title, education level, experience, and geographic location.

What are our faculty & staff conducting research on?

precision agriculture/agronomic crops, animal management and production, biotechnology, entomology, international trade and development, product marketing, water quality and nutrient management, food safety and bio-security, specialty crops/product development, and food quality enhancement

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We prepare students to make significant, positive contributions to the Food and Agricultural Sciences through learning, discovery and engagement. 

Experiential Learning

State-of-the-art research, education and farm facilities

Active Learning Environment

Gain Hands-On Skills and Knowledge

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