Urban Forestry

Urban Forestry is the care and management of tree populations in urban settings for the purpose of improving the urban environment. The Urban Forestry Degree Program is designed to provide students with basic concepts in urban forestry. The curriculum focuses on the evaluation, management, planning, and resolution of problems of urban forests while ensuring the stewardship of the urban natural resources. The program provides academic, research professional training, and internships to enable students to acquire the job skills for employment in urban forestry and related disciplines or for entrance into graduate programs in Urban Forestry and related disciplines.


Students are required to be involved in internships and/or cooperative education programs to acquire technical and field experience that will prepare them for a highly competitive and diversified workforce.

Employment Opportunities

Students will be prepared to pursue a career or graduate degree in:

  • Urban Forestry
  • Forestry 
  • Arboriculture
  • Natural Resources
  • Landscape Design
  • Outreach Education

Required Courses

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