Mission Goals & Objectives


The mission of the UMES Senate is to provide the President and administrative officials with the benefit of systematic consultation with members of the UMES community and to enable the community to participate in the formulation of policies of concern to the UMES campus. The Senate has plenary jurisdiction to investigate, discuss, and make recommendations to the President concerning any matters submitted to it by the President or by any member of the UMES community. Results of deliberations may be communicated to the Chancellor and/or the Board of Regents within the procedures established and approved by the Board of Regents.

  • To actively search for means whereby academic freedom may be advanced and faculty and research interests may be protected.
  • To actively search for means whereby the welfare of all staff personnel may be promoted where not in conflict with other statutory control.
  • To actively search for means whereby the welfare of students may be advanced and student life enriched.
  • To strive for a superior academic environment and harmonious relations with the surrounding area.

In accordance with the plenary powers delegated to the Senate by the Offices of Chancellor, office of the President, and the authority of the Board of Regents, the Senate is committed to but not limited to the following activities and expressed areas of concern:

To supervise campus wide referenda as required by the Senate Constitution.

To confer and give counsel on long-range plans for the physical development of the campus.

To construct for deliberation a code of conduct for administration, faculty, students, and staff; provide for its enforcement and continuing review.

To recommend guidelines for equitable distribution of funds and suggest budget priorities for departments.

To submit proposals for educational policies for UMES campus as a whole, and review any standards and/or proposals originating in the various departments.

To receive and deliberate upon recommendations from the President.

To present such proposals to the President or departments, students, and staff groups as in its judgment may serve to improve the quality of campus life.

To confer and give counsel on general policies to govern UMES campus relations with outside agencies for research, instruction, and public service activities.

To formulate and suggest policies relating to the awarding of campus prizes and honors.

To have representation in the selection of a President, representation on the search committees in the selection of Vice Presidents and Deans.

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