Requesting Items from Other Libraries

Books and other items not found in the Frederick Douglass Library collection can be borrowed from the USMAI Library Consortium (Inter-Campus Loan tab) or other libraries throughout the country (Inter-Library Loan tab).

Inter-Library Loan

Connect to ILLiad (Inter-Library Loan)

The Inter-Library Loan Department processes requests from students, faculty and staff who request to borrow resources the Frederick Douglass Library does not have available in the library.  This service allows you to take advantage of the millions of items available at other libraries for use in your own research.

Inter-Library Loan allows you to request items (books, article) from non-University of Maryland System libraries.  The average time to receive an article is two weeks.  The average time to receive a book is 3 weeks.

Before requesting a book or book chapter from Inter-Library Loan, check the library catalog to see if the item is available here at UMES.  You can also check to see if it is available from another University of Maryland System Library and order it via Inter-Campus Loan (see next tab).

Before requesting an article from Inter-Library Loan, you should use Citation Linker to see if the article is available full-text in one of the library’s online databases or if it is available in print in the library.  If it is not available, it will provide a link to log into ILLiad.  You must be registered with the library and in order to log into ILLiad, you must use your Library Card Number (located on your HawkCard) and your last name.

Once the item is received, an e-mail will be sent.  You can then pick the item up at the Inter-Library Loan desk Monday – Friday 8am-5pm.  If you come after that time, please go to the Circulation Desk and they will assist you.  Many articles requested will be received electronically.  You will receive an e-mail stating they are available within ILLiad for you to access electronically.

For further information, see ILL Policies and Guidelines.

If you are a library interested in borrowing from UMES, please consult our Interlibrary Loan Lending Policies.

Inter-Campus Loan

Inter-Campus Loan allows you to request items from other University of Maryland System Libraries.  The average time to receive a book is 3-5 days.

To request a book from another University of Maryland System Library:

  1. Open the  library catalog  and select the choose campus option
  2. Select USMAI (all campuses).  You will now be able to search all University of Maryland System Libraries for the item.
  3. Once you find the item, you can request it be sent to UMES.
  4. Log in with your library ID (found on your HawkCard) and your last name.
  5. Select where you want the item delivered, normally Frederick Douglass Library.
  6. Once the item is received by the library, you will receive an e-mail and you can pick the item up at the Circulation Desk of the library.
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