Circulating Collection:

All circulating materials at the Frederick Douglass Library may be checked out. The Stacks are located on the second floor and include the following collections:

  • General Collection – Includes approximately 100,000 volumes arranged according to the Library of Congress call numbers.
  • Black Collection – Contains fiction and non-fiction books pertaining to African Americans and Africans.
  • Juvenile Collection – Shelved directly behind the Black Collection, this fiction and non-fiction collection is primarily for those who work with children and need material written for young readers’ interest and reading level. These are not generally sources of first-hand information (primary sources), nor do they typically contain original research material.
  • Leisure Reading Collection – Contains about 200 fiction titles that have been donated by the librarians of the Frederick Douglass Library and include mostly contemporary authors.

Circulation Department Services:

  • Circulation Inquiries – Staff in the Circulation Department can be reached during regular library hours in following ways:
In PersonBy PhoneEmailLibrary Card
Circulation/Reference Desk(410) 651-7691amjustis@umes.eduValid HawkCard ID
  • Checkouts and Returns – All circulating materials can be checked out at the Circulation Desk on the first floor. They can be returned at the desk or in the book drops located outside the front and back entrances of the library.
  • Borrowing Privileges
    • UMES students: Your HawkCard serves as your library card. You must register your card by submitting a New Borrower Registration Form. Once registered, you will be able to checkout materials and access digital resources with your HawkCard (the 14-digit barcode).
    • University System of Maryland & Affiliated Institutions (USMAI) students: You may borrow circulating materials with a valid ID from your respective campus.
    • Special Borrowing Privileges: Inquire at the Circulation Desk if you are not a UMES or USMAI student.
  • Stacks and Fines – This department is responsible for the retrieval, re-shelving and management of the library’s circulating collections. It also bills for late returns, lost items and recalls.
  • Course Reserves – Reserve materials available for checkout at the Circulation Desk can be located by using the “Course Reserves” tab in the library catalog. Use the Controlled Digital Lending link to find those reserves available online. Login with your UMES network credentials, click “View” to read the resource and “Return Early” when done. The checkout period is typically three hours.
  • Printing and scanning services are available.
Inter-Campus Loan Services:

Books and other items not found in the Frederick Douglass Library collections can be borrowed from libraries in the USMAI Library Consortium, if available.

  • Inter-Campus Loan Inquiries – Staff are available during regular library hours in the following ways:
In PersonBy PhoneEmail
Circulation/Reference Desk(410)
  • How to Make an Inter-Campus Loan Request:
    • Go to the library catalog
    • Click the “catalogusmai” icon in the top left corner. The catalog will change from the University of Maryland Eastern Shore to USMAI (all campuses). You will now be able to search all consortium libraries for the item.
    • Search for the desired item and click “find it” to check its availability.
    • If status says “on shelf,” click the “request this item” button.
    • Choose UMES as your campus affiliation.
    • Enter the 14-digit barcode from the back of your HawkCard ID and your last name.
    • Items typically take 3-5 days to arrive. You will receive an email notification when they are available for pickup at the Circulation/Reference Desk on the first floor.
Inter-Library Loan Services:

The Inter-Library Loan Department processes requests from students, faculty and staff who request to borrow resources not available in the Frederick Douglass Library or the USMAI Library Consortium. This service allows you to take advantage of the millions of items available at other libraries for your research. Requests can be made for books, periodical articles, dissertations, videos and reports. The average time to receive an article is two weeks; the average time to receive a book is three weeks.

  • Inter-Library Loan Inquiries – Staff can be reached during posted hours in the following ways:
In PersonBy PhoneEmail
Inter-Library Loan Desk(410)
  • Inter-Library Loan Checkouts – Items may be picked up at the Inter-Library Loan Desk Monday-Friday, 8:00 am to 5:00 pm. After that time, please go to the Circulation/Reference Desk for assistance. Checkouts require your HawkCard ID.
  • Fees – The library does not charge a fee for this service; however, other institutions may charge a delivery fee or a photocopy fee. You, as the requester, are responsible for all fees, but no item will be ordered for a cost without permission. Patrons who are willing to pay the fee must complete the ILL Agreement Form and email it to Inter-Library Loan ( Payment must be made when the item is ready for pickup, and payment can be made in cash, by check (payable to the Frederick Douglass Library), or from a departmental or grant account.
  • Before Requesting a Book or Book Chapter – Search the library catalog to see if the book is available at UMES. Also check to see if it is available through the USMAI Library Consortium via Inter-Campus Loan.
  • Before Requesting an Article – Use Citation Linker to see if the article is available full-text in one of the library’s online databases or in print. If it is not available, it will provide a link to ILLiad.
  • Registering for ILLiad – First time users must register with ILLiad before requesting an item. Click Connect to ILLiad, and click the “First Time Users” link at the bottom left. Complete all the fields with asterisks and click “Submit information.” From your account, you can request items for delivery, check the status of your requests or change your personal information.
  • ILLiad Login Credentials – Your username for ILLiad is the 14-digit barcode from the back of your HawkCard ID and the password is your last name.
  • Requesting an Item through ILLiad – ILLiad allows you to borrow up to 20 items per session. There are several ways to request an item from ILLiad:
    • Manually enter the citation: Connect to ILLiad and login to your account. Under the “New Request” option, choose the type you need. Photocopy requests are for journals, conference proceedings and anthologies. Be sure to complete all the asterisked fields and then click “Submit Request.”
    • Autofill the citation using WorldCat: Search WorldCat to locate the item record. Click on the “Full Text and other services” link under External Resources (not the ILL link at the top of the page). Click “Request it from ILLiad” and login to your ILLiad account. The citation from WorldCat will autofill the request page. Double-check the information and input any required fields before submitting the request.
  • Loan Periods and Fines – The loan period for physical items is typically two to four weeks, although some may be renewable. You are responsible for all overdue fines, lost or damaged items, and any other expenses charged to the Frederick Douglass Library by the lending library.
  • Delivery Times – The photocopy of an article typically arrives within 7 days and is delivered electronically to your ILLiad account. A physical item may take two to four weeks to arrive. You will be notified by email when the items are available for pickup.

For further information or if you are a library interested in borrowing from UMES, please consult our Inter-Library Loan Borrowing Policies.

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