Department of Facilities Planning, Design and Construction


The Department of Facilities Planning, Design and Construction is responsible for the planning, development, and execution of the University of Maryland Eastern Shore’s Facilities Development Policy.  This charge includes the development and update of the Campus Master Plan in concert with the University Administration; the Administration of the Capital Improvement program which includes project planning, design and construction.  Other responsibilities include the development and upgrade of the campus infrastructure to sustain and support the tremendous growth of the University.  The infrastructure includes roads & sidewalk network, outdoor lighting & site amenities, underground electric system, steam, condensate system, waste & irrigation, sanitary sewer system & storm waste management system.  Facilities Planning, Design & Construction Department works on major projects with outside consultants and contractors to develop programs design and build campus projects.  We act as a liaison for the University in its intra-departmental facilities needs, assessment and service.  We also serve as liaison for the University through its activities with various, local, state and federal agencies and the local utility and service companies.

The Facilities Planning, Design and Construction Department goal is to promote and sustain a campus environment that supports high quality life and learning.  The primary objective of this department is to provide an adequate, safe and conducive environment for students while on the campus. We strive to attain and sustain an overall quality standard in all facilities on the campus that is regarded as “excellent” by University administration, faculty, staff, students and visitors.

The mission of the Facilities Planning, Design and Construction Department is to provide and maintain the physical facilities of the University of Maryland Eastern Shore in the best possible condition, and to plan for and provide new and updated facilities and infrastructure to enhance the growth potential of all the departments. We provide facilities for current and future programs at the University and ensure the efficient utilization of assigned spaces and campus physical resources.

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