Eddy Morrison

(Pronoun: He, Him and His)

Eddy Morrison is Deaf, both grew up in Philadelphia and Buenos Aires, Argentina before settling down at Rehoboth Beach, Delaware. He is a native Argentine Sign Language User (LSA) before he learned how to read and write in English and, third languages, American Sign Language (ASL). After learning ASL, it became his lifelong passion to teach ASL classes, starting in 1993 at many non-credit courses. Later, Eddy decided to attend to Gallaudet University, only one university for Deaf and Hard of Hearing in the world to study in ASL. Once, Eddy received his Bachelor of Art degree in American Sign Language Studies/Linguist and went to teach at the Department of Rehabilitation at UMES as Adjunct Faculty, following the same year in 2013. A year later, he decided to study for his masters. Eddy graduated from University of Northern Colorado with a Master of Art degree, Teaching in American Sign Language (TASL) in 2015.  His endless passion for teaching ASL including teaching students how to become an educated advocate to the Deaf/Hard of Hearing Community with Black American Sign Language (BASL) at UMES. Last but not least, Eddy has witnessed how much American Sign Language classes are rapidly growing right after the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) passed in 1990. To be proud with hamble and to mention that Eddy celebrates both his 10 years of anniversary at UMES in addition to 30 years of teaching ASL this year. In total, he has been teaching 5,188 students to the date of this semester! Also, he is teaching at Salisbury University for three years as Adjunct Faculty. Eddy is looking forward to seeing ASL classes continue growing and become more Deaf Awareness. On a personal note, his hearing husband Todd who is ASL users of 24 years, along with two Cardigan Welsh Corgis, Matthew Vassar and Brigham Wrigley which are very much involved in Dog’s Show World and enjoys traveling across American.

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