Intramurals Sport

The mission of the Intramural Sports Program is to provide a wide variety of quality recreational programs in a safe and secure environment designed to enhance the social, mental, and physical well-being of the entire university community.  The Intramural Sports Program performs a vital role in the recruitment, retention, and education of students, faculty and staff.

In support of this mission, the Intramural Sports staff has established these goals:

  • To provide and effectively manage high quality programs, personnel and equipment that provide a supportive, and safe environment for positive intramural sport experiences.
  • To educate participants on lifelong leisure practices associated with physical, mental, social and emotional health, which supports making responsible choices, ultimately contributing to their well-being.
  • To provide diverse programs and services designed to be responsive to the needs of students, faculty and staff.
  • To provide inclusive recreational opportunities and environments that foster an appreciation of diversity.
  • To provide employment, volunteer opportunities and educational experiences for students.
  • To participate and collaborate in campus wide programs which provide involvement opportunities and assist in the recruitment and retention of students, faculty and staff.


Flag Football

Paint Ball

Winter Classic


Faculty vs Students


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