2022 Outstanding Service Award – Jennifer Zanni

Dr. Jennifer Zanni, PT, DScPT, CCS

This year, we are very proud to recognize Dr. Jennifer Zanni.  Dr. Zanni has been teaching in our program since 2002 and exemplifies this award through her dedication, intelligence and hard work.  When Jen started with us she was teaching specific lectures within a Selected Topics Course.  As the course went through revisions, Dr. Zani was the only instructor asked to return year after year. 

As her role within the curriculum evolved, she became an integral part of the pulmonary and cardiac classes, specifically teaching how to effectively manage complex patients in the intensive care unit.  

These skills were even more essential during the height of the pandemic, as Jen served the community as both a physical therapist and rehabilitation team leader within a COVID facility set up in Baltimore’s Convention Center.  During this time, she imparted first-hand clinical knowledge to our students via virtual and in-person presentations. She provided first hand clinical knowledge of what it was like to treat and manage COVID patients.  This contribution was invaluable as she set an example for our students and put them a little more at ease before they entered their clinical experiences.   

Dr. Zanni has always provided practical and thoughtful feedback during lab activities.  She gives students the time and space to further solidify their critical thinking skills, facilitating the transition to patient care.  She is a valued colleague and her efforts have greatly helped our students grow as skilled clinicians. 

Congratulations on your 2021 Outstanding Service Award!

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