Travel (Info)

University travel regulations govern travel performed with project funds. In some instances a particular contract or grant may specify travel regulations different from the University policy and these take precedence. Approval for domestic travel outside the State is secured through the Out-of-State Travel Request. Forms are available in department chairs and director’s offices or from the Vice President for Administrative Affairs. Where international travel is to be charged to a sponsored project, this request must be approved by the OSRP, Vice President for Academic Affairs, and Vice President for Administrative Affairs. Approval will be granted if there is a record of concurrence from the sponsor for the specific international travel requested. P.I.’s should note that most federal agencies have restrictive regulations concerning international travel. In many cases, even though the awarded proposal may have included a line for international travel, such travel must be specifically approved in writing by the organization at the time the travel is actually to take place.

Requests for reimbursement of travel expenses will not be honored in excess of the dollar amounts allowed by University policy.

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