Service Centers

University Business Hours are 8:00am to 4:30pm.
Fiscal matters relating to contracts and grants; indirect cost study and effort reports are handled by this office.

General Stores: Each Campus Department should have a Boise Cascade catalog available for inspection and ordering.

Central Receiving: x6658

Benefits: Information on hospitalization, retirement and other benefits. Martha Smith: x6403

Records: Payroll records and employee verifications. Gertrude Hairston: x6404

Employment: Responsible for employment of all Classified Staff. Mary Ames: x6400

Office of Sponsored Research and Programs: Located at 1129 Early Childhood Research Building. ORSP is responsible for pre- and post- award grant and contract activities.
Director: x6714
Contracts and Grants Associate: x6107
Acting Assistant Director X8162
Compliance Specialist: X6712

Office of Technology Liaison: All inventions must be reported to this office.For those in which the University has title, patentability and commercial licensing opportunities will be explored.
Director: Wayne Swann, Office of Technology Liaison
University of Maryland
4312 Knox Road,
College Park, MD 20742
Tele: 301-405-4208

Purchasing: Procurement, All purchases from outside vendors must proceed through this office. Jackie Collins: x6406 or 6407

University Printing: For duplicating and copying services x6485

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