Internal Review Cycle

For projects requiring internal reviews: (human subjects, animal welfare, biohazard, DNA),P.I.’s must contact OSRP at least 3 months prior to submission to arrange for review. Failure to obtain institutional approval could mean an otherwise excellent project may fail to be reviewed by the sponsor.

If you are unsure about your status regarding exempt and non-exempt research projects, contact the Director of OSRP for information. Frequently, projects will not require a full institutional review.

Each proposal must be accompanied by a Routing Form, parts I and II. Where appropriate, a Hazardous Procedures form, (or an IRB-1 form, Application for Review of Research using Human Subjects, or a Protocol for Animal Research/Care, or a Notification of Intent to Perform Recombinant DNA must be filed. The Routing Form must have appropriate endorsement signatures before submission to the OSRP. Proposals proceed from the principal investigator to the Department Chairperson, to the OSRP. The OSRP must receive all copies of the proposal requiring signatures plus two additional copies (these copies will be held in OSRP).

OSRP will notify the P.I. when all approvals are in hand. It is the responsibility of the P.I. to copy, mail and/or deliver each grant/contract application. Principal investigators should bear in mind that sponsoring organizations may have a specific deadline date and that the submission of a proposal to the OSRP should be well ahead of this deadline.

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