Equipment (Info)

The sponsoring organization’s award may include provision for the acquisition of special-purpose equipment. The equipment in some cases may be supplied directly by the sponsoring organization, in which case, title to the equipment generally remains with the organization and it must be returned at the completion of the project. In the majority of cases, the approved equipment is purchased through the University. The P.I. has the responsibility for (a) assuring that the equipment is not already available within the University, (b) determining the proper specifications and issuing the requisition for the equipment, and (c) assuring proper receipt, inventory identification, and functioning of the equipment prior to authorizing vendor payments by the University.

It should be noted that any equipment that is to be purchased which has not been specifically approved in the award notification often requires authorization in writing by a sponsoring organization official. Such requests by P.I.’s, stating the need for the equipment and the source of funds (additional funds or budget reallocation), must be submitted to the OSRP for institutional endorsement.

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