Cost Sharing or Matching

In some cases, sponsoring organizations may require that the University make a contribution towards the total cost of a project. The amount of such contribution required may vary from less than 5% to 100% of the total project cost. The University’s share of such costs may come from several sources:

  • Other support for the same project; i.e. from non-Federal sources if the project is to be Federally-funded.
  • A portion of the faculty member’s project time for which no support funds are being requested.
  • A portion of the indirect costs may have to be contributed; special approval is required.
  • Contributed resources from the University.
  • Cost-sharing should be included only where absolutely required by the Federal agency or sponsoring organization. It is never to be assumed to be a voluntary or gratuitous gesture. Cost-sharing imposes a substantial burden on the P.I. to provide supporting documentation to OSRP and to accounting.
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