Award Report of 2000 (7/1 – 12/31)

Award business transacted during the period of (07/01/00 – 12/31/00)

School of Agricultural and Natural Sciences : Agriculture Department
Project LeaderProject TitleSponsorAmount
D. BoundsSummer Roost Selection of Forest Bay CommunityBat Conservation International, Inc.$ 2,500
D. Bounds/T.MolletMarsh Restoration : Nutria Control in MarylandU.S. Dept. of Interior$ 428,590
D. Bounds/T.MolletDelmarva Fox Squirrel Habitat UseU.S. Dept. of Commerce$ 5,896)
D.BoundsNutria Control in MDU.S. Dept. of Interior$ 50,000
R. DadsonControlling Ineffective Bradyrhizobium with PhagesUSDA$ 267,433
E. DemissieAddressing the Needs for Minority Agribusiness Personnel in Food & Ag.USDA$ 170,149
 Characterizing Cowpea Genotypes for Drought ToleranceUSDA$ 299,923
J. Harter-DennisDelmarva Peninsula Poultry Litter & Forestry ResiduesMD Environmental Service$ 35,000
S. HughesMounted Shad ScalesMD DNR$ 2,000
 Mortality Rates of CrabsMD DNR$ 9,690
 Determination of Optimal Conditions for Swimbladder Inflation in Striped BassUSM Center for Environmental Science$ 1,500
 Striped Bass BioenergeticsU.S. Dept. of Interior$ 25,000
E. MayGeneral Histology and DiagnosisGeo-Centers, Inc.$ 11,700
 Research Support AgreementUSDA/ARS$ 27,500(Increase of Award)
   Subtotal = $1,336,881
School of Agricultural and Natural Sciences : Human Ecology Department
Project LeaderProject TitleSponsorAmount
S. Hymon-ParkerUniversity PartnershipDHHS$ 125,000
M. KumelachewEnhancement of Nutrition InstructionUSDA$ 122,495
   Subtotal = $ 247,495
School of Agricultural and Natural Sciences : Natural Science Department
Project LeaderProject TitleSponsorAmount
G.GuptaCollaborative Research Program in Delmarva-RONDEMaryland Sea Grant College – USM$ 6,425
G. GuptaMinority Science ImprovementU.S. DOE$ 92,100
R, JesienWater Quality in Somerset CountySomerset County$ 3,500
J. OkohBuilding Funds Ecology Teaching and Research CenterHUD$1,387,500
   Subtotal = $1,489,525
School of Education, Social Sciences, and The Arts : Physical Therapy Department
Project LeaderProject TitleSponsorAmount
R. BlakelyAssist ESAHEC in Health Care Programs and ServicesESAHEC$ 26,325
R. BlakelyHealth Manpower ShortageMHEC$ 5,676
R. BlakelyAssist ESAHEC in HealthESAHEC Care Programs and Services$ 14,000 (Increase of Award)
   Subtotal = $ 46,001
School of Education, Social Sciences, and The Arts
Project LeaderProject TitleSponsorAmount
B. Anderson/C. BolekMaryland Eastern Shore Center for Substance Abuse PreventionMD DHMH$ 125,967
D.ShowellStudent Support ServicesUSDE$ 212,170
   Subtotal = $ 338,137
School of Education, Social Sciences, and The Arts : Criminal Justice Department
Project LeaderProject TitleSponsorAmount
R. HarlestonMentoring Program for DJJ Youth in Somerset CountyMD DJJ$ 5,000
R. HarlestonInstruction at ECIMSDE$ 66,885
   Subtotal = $ 71,885
School of Education, Social Sciences, and The Arts :Education Department
Project LeaderProject TitleSponsorAmount
K . VerbekeContinuing Bennett Middle School PDSMSDE$ 10,000
   Subtotal : $ 10,000
School of Education, Social Sciences, and The Arts :English Department
Project LeaderProject TitleSponsorAmount
C. HedgepethMachine Translation Activity-African LanguageNSA-MD Procurement Office$ 192,204
 African Language ProjectNSA$ 74,778
   Subtotal = $ 266,982
School of Education, Social Sciences, and The Arts : Upward Bound
Project LeaderProject TitleSponsorAmount
N. TilghmanYouth Training ProgramPrivate Industry Council$ 57,500
F. WilliamsUpward BoundU.S. DOE$ 10,000 (Increase of Award)
   Subtotal = $ 67,500
School of Business and Technology
Project LeaderProject TitleSponsorAmount
E. BoydCMST Summer 2000NSA$ 51, 000 (Increase of Award)
E. Boyd/C.BrooksAMPSUMBC$ 210,000
   Subtotal = $ 261,000
School of Business and Technology : Mathematics and Computer Science
Project LeaderProject TitleSponsorAmount
T. DubeMath, Engineering, Science Enrichment Pre-College ProgramNASA$ 50,000
D. Okunbor/R. JohnsonResearch Experiences in Parallel Numerical Linear AlgebraNSF$ 30,000
   Subtotal = $ 80,000
Office of Sponsored Research and Programs
Project LeaderProject TitleSponsorAmount
Catherine BolekGIS/GPS ResearchEPA$ 213,944
Catherine BolekComputer TrainingElectronic Data Systems$ $ 4,520 (Increase of Award)
Catherine BolekMarket DevelopmentAnteon$ 5,666
Catherine BolekTransport ServicesDISA$ 14,700 (Increase of Award)
Catherine BolekMarket Development2Anteon$ 9,998 (Increase of Award)
   Subtotal = $ 248,828
Other Non-Instructional – Administrative Units
Project LeaderProject TitleSponsorAmount
A. HuntPublic Telecommunications Facilities ProgramDOC$ 27,682
D. KueenenUniversity Center ActivitiesU.S. Dept. of Commerce$ 108,000
D. KueenenRural Cooperative Dev GrantUSDA$ 225,000
D. KueenenTechnical Assistance & Business DevelopmentUSDA$ 175,000
E. Nnadi/C. BolekEvaluating Current Intervention Adaption of HIV/AIDS to Eight HBCU CampusesDHHS$ 117,509
M. White-DavenportAlcohol-Impaired Driving PreventionState Highway Administration/SSU$ 1,500
   Subtotal = $ 654,691
International Programs
Project LeaderProject TitleSponsorAmount
E. AcquahSouthern Africa Financial Market WorkshopsUSDA$ 22,055 (Increase of Award)
E. AcquahMicroenterprise Development ServicesUSDA$ 127,484
E. AcquahEducation for Democracy & Development InitiativeUSDA$ 70,947
   Subtotal = $ 220,486
Title111 Institutional Support Program
Project LeaderProject TitleSponsorAmount
F. McKinneyStrengthening HBCUU.S. DoEd$1,649,960
F. McKinneyStrengthening HBCUU.S. DoEd$1,000,000
F. McKinneyStrengthening HBCUU.S. DoEd$ 62,546
   Subtotal = $2,712,506
Applied Information Technology Research and Education Center
Project LeaderProject TitleSponsorAmount
R. Forsythe/C. BolekDigital DivideVerizon$ 25,000
   Subtotal = $ 25,000
  Six Months Grand Total = $8,076,917
  Formula Funds = $ 958,815
  Six Month Grand Total = $9,035,732
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