Faculty/Staff Form Library


Form Description Word Excel Adobe Notes
Faculty Appointment
Recommendation Form (Full-Time)
    AdobePDF Color Submission of Forms:
  • Pink paper – Ag & Natural Sciences
  • Yellow paper – Arts and Professions
  • Buff paper – Business & Technology
  • Salmon paper – Library Services
  • Blue paper – Academic Affairs
  • Lilac paper – Health Professions
Adjunct Hire Checklist       AdobePDF  
Faculty Appointment
Recommendation Form (Part-Time)
    AdobePDF See color submission information above
Exempt Staff Appointment Recommendation Form


Non-Exempt Appointment Recommendation Form

Graduate Assistant
Recommendation Form
    AdobePDF Must be submitted on green paper
Graduate Assistants Pay Scale   MSExcel AdobePDF  
Sick Leave for Faculty
Overload Request Form     AdobePDF Must be submitted on blue paper
Adjunct Faculty Resource Guide MSWord   AdobePDF View Also:  


Human Resources
Form Description Word Excel Adobe Notes
Acting / Interim Capacity Authorization     AdobePDF  
Blank Personnel Requisition      AdobePDF  
Clearance Procedure For Separating Employees Clearance-Form-for-Separating-Employees      
Contract – Contingent I       AdobePDF  
Contract – Contingent II     AdobePDF  
Employee Name and Address Change MSWord      
First Report of Injury MSWord   AdobePDF  
Grievance Form Grievance-and-Special-Grievance-Form      
Hiring Freeze Exception Form  

New Wellness Program MSWord   AdobePDF  
Manual Timesheet      AdobePDF  
Overtime Request MSWord   AdobePDF  
Parental Leave Form for Exempt and Non-Exempt Staff Being revised      
Parental Leave Form for Faculty Being revised      
Policy on Student Summer Employment MSWord      
Position Description Form MSWord   AdobePDF  
Position Information Form MSWord   AdobePDF  
Position Request Form   

Reclassification Action Request for Exempt Employees  

Reclassification Action Request for Non-Exempt Employees      
Reclassification Procedures for Non-Exempt Employees  

Request for Medical Exemption from COVID-19 Vaccination MSWord      
Request for Religious Exemption from COVID-19 Vaccination MSWord      
Salary Reduction Designation Form MSWord      
Secondary Employment Form        – For Employment Outside Department

 – For Employment Outside Home Institution

Smoking Policy Violation Report Form          AdobePDF  
Special Appointment Payment Request
(Formerly called Stipend Appointment Request or One-Time Payment Request)
      Obsolete – use the Contingent I Contract
Summer Faculty Employment Contract MSWord       
Supervisor Feedback Form MSWord   AdobePDF  
Student Workship Application AdobePDF      
Talent Appraisal Worksheet Instructions  MSWord      

Talent Appraisal Form

Talent Appraisal Rating Worksheet MSExcel      
Tuition Remission Form     AdobePDF See Tuition Remission Program Information
Vaccine Incentive Day Off Form  MSWord      
Volunteer Forms & Policy     AdobePDF  
Volunteer Agreement (Off-Campus) MSWord   AdobePDF  

VSR – Voluntary Schedule Reduction Designation Form

MSWord   AdobePDF  
Physical Plant
Form Description Word Excel Adobe Notes
Application for Privilege to Drive University Vehicles       Please refer to webpage
Purchasing / Procurement
Form Description Word Excel Adobe Notes
Sole Source Justification Form     AdobePDF  

Planning, Assessment, and Institutional Research

Form Description Word Excel Adobe Notes
Strategic Plan – Implementation Form MSWord      
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